TV Screen Flickering fixed by Laser Machine ZMST-L80

What is TV Screen Flickering?

TV screen flickering generally occurs when your cable connections are loose, cables are damaged or connection ports are damaged. Your TV screen can also flicker due to electrical interference or even room lighting.

tv screen flickering repair fix | TV panel Laser Machine

How to fix TV Screen Flickering fault by Laser Machine?

A frequent type of faults in the TV screens is the vibration of the whole screen or a part of it which is called TV panel flickering. These types of faults are often caused by the getting short-circuit the main voltage lines (VGH – VGL) and the horizontal command line.

And now, we’re gonna fix the faults of such screens using laser optics system. We frequently move towards X1 (right side) along more observable horizontal lines to look for damaged points. It is worth mentioning that although the circuits inside the panel seem complicated at first glance, knowing the types of circuits makes the analysis of the screen much simpler.

Sometimes a dirty point can be mistaken for a damaged one. But as you can see, the damaged point is more colorful and has a more specific geometric formation.

Having found the damaged point and fixed the connection (disconnecting the damaged point), the problem is solved.

You can check out the process of TV screen flickering (or vibration) by Laser Machine ZMST-L80 in the following video.

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