SWO 1904 PRO

  • Pulse Heating Method
  • Titanium Alloy Head
  • For 10-100 inch | 2K 4K 8K Panels
  • COF display monitoring instrument
  • Temperature Curve Adjustable
  • Two Monitors and Cameras

Product Overview

The newest ACF bonding machine is made by a reputable company, SWO, in cooperation with Parse Informatics Group. This product has special capabilities and features as follows:

  • The operation of this device is fully automatic, i.e. the heating operation – bonding connection – cooling of the head (heating blade) is done completely automatically and without manual intervention.
  • A 5-axis flat clamp with a precision adjustment of one hundredth of a millimeter
  • You no longer have to worry that the flat panel switch of the TV will malfunction after restarting after several hours of shutdown, because the temperature control in this SWO 1904 PRO bonding machine is intelligent and can be controlled in any weather conditions. Also, to control the head landing pressure on quartz, a controllable pressure gauge has been installed in this device.
  • Adjustable light inside quartz and high-light
  • Ability to select the best temperature-time curve through the touch screen, for automatic head landing and automatic cooling
  • COF display monitoring instrument

Technical Parameters

Model No.: SWO 1904 PRO

Heating Method: Pulse Heating

Available Size: 10-100 inch | 2K, 4K, 8K

PID Temperature Control System: 

    • Brand: OMRON
    • Thermocouple Type: K | Brand: OMEAG made in USA
    • Heating Curve: Factory Setting
    • Peak Temperature: +/- 10 ℃
    • Up to 180℃ | 3-4 seconds

Heating Head: 

    • Material: Titanium Alloy
    • Place of Original: America
    • Plane Precision (Pressed): 0.005 mm

Quartz Glass: Plane Precision (Touched): 0.005 mm

Cylinder: SMC

Industrial Control Unit: Micro-controller 

Head Alignment: Manual

Cushion Material: Silicone Rubber

Glass Platform: Fixed

Operating Way: Touch Screen + Buttons

Alarm Device: Temperature | Thermocouple | Action Abnormal

Data Setting: Model 1,2,3

Rated Voltage: AC 220 v

Peak Power: 500 w

Weight: 75 kg

Lens and Camera: 2 pieces with 100x magnification

Monitor and Stand: 2 monitors

COF adjustment instrument: 5-axis with one hundredth of a millimeter accuracy

Camera adjustment tool: 2 pcs

Local light: 2 high beams + one low beam

Product Function Buttons

  1. Temperature Control Tool
  2. Temperature Control Switch
  3. Air Pressure Regulator (MPa)
  4. Start Button
  5. Emergency Stop
  6. Start Button
  7. working Pressure Adjust
  8. Power ON/OFF Switch
  9. LED Light
  10. Light Switch
  11. Cooling Speed Regulator
  12. Power Indicator
  13. Touch Screen
  14. Platform Height Adjuster
  15. Heating Part
  16. Felt Adjustment Tool
  17. Precision Camera Adjustment Tool
  18. Lens
  19. Camera
  20. Monitor
  21. Monitor Stand

Clients Testimonials

We are indeed proud of our LCD Repair COF Bonding Machine clients’ satisfaction.