H908 PRO

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  • Pulse Heating Method
  • Titanium Alloy Head
  • For 10-110 inch | 2K 4K 8K Panels
  • X/Y/Z COF Trimming Adjustable
  • Adjustable Temperature Curve

Principle Summary

Through the ACF adhesion and also ACF Bonding Machine (or called LCD Repair COF Bonding Machine), the ACF conductive particles blast to make ACF adhesive materials curing under certain temperature, pressure and time, so as to realize LCD glass or PCB with FPC mechanical connections and electrical conduction. 

Product Advantage

  • Being able to tackle the numerous problems such as vertical, horizontal, black belt, black line, color line, ribbons, multi-line, flower screen, black screen and white show caused by FPC/TAB/COF
  • For the combination of hot state all kinds of FPC, LCD and PCB
  • Available Panel: 10 to 110 inch, all different brands 2K, 4K and 8K of LCD | LED panels
  • Imported SIEMENS PLC control system from Germany, to make the equipment running stable and reliable
  • Equipped with full set of image unit, using 3 camera lens, high magnification camera system, to ensure that the electrode is clear and alignment along with an independent PCB, COF display, improve work efficiency.
  • Using Taiwan production of COF trimming unit, X/Y/R angle adjustable, large stroke up to 12.5 mm and the accuracy of 0.01.
  • Imported titanium alloy heat press head from America, the hot pressing surface precision to 0.005 mm, when the hot pressing head alignment, can set the cylinder stop in the direction of the upper or lower direction.
  • Save multiple-groups profiles according to the need, set and modify the temperature parameter on the touch screen at any time
  • Equipped with alarm device, encountered a variety of anomalies including air pressure anomalies, temperature anomalies, thermocouple abnormalities, abnormal movements and so on, will be issued a warning. Separate double security start button, emergency stop button.
  • Multi-functional and humanized operation use high definition human-machine interface, PLC control.
  • Safety protection function with double restart protection and emergency stop-switch.
  • Consisting of alignment systems with high-definition COF lens and industrial displays.
  • Permanently adjustable temperature curve with peak temperature tolerance of +/- 1 degrees Celsius
  • Response time is 3-4 seconds from room temperature to 180 degrees.
  • Several languages available for selection such as English, Arabic, Farsi, French, Chinese and Korean to mention but a few
  • COF accurate alignment along with the high rate of LCD repair success

Product Specification

Heating Method: Pulse

Wight: 210 kg

Size of Machine (mm): 1400*1030*1160

Working Pressure: 0.35 – 0.40 Mpa

Temperature Curve: +/- 1 degree Celsius

Plane Precision (ot-pressing side): 0.005 m

Size of Heat Press Head: 1.2*52 mm

Adjustable Temperature: 200-300 degree Celsius

SMS Cylinder: Double cylinder output

Microscope Magnification: 20-100 consecutive times

COF Trimming Adjustable Direction: X/Y/Z

Up and Down Lights: Yes

Leakage Switch: Yes

Wave Filter: Yes

LCD Drive Platform: Fixed

Control Way: Touch screen + button operation

Voltage: AC 220v

Peak Power: 500w

Product Function Buttons

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Major Modules

Panasonic FPX C14T (TC2)
made in Japan

made in USA

Cylinder SMC
made in China

COF holder
made in Taiwan

made in Taiwan

made in USA

Quartz holder
made in China

Monitor 2 pieces 14 inch
made in China

made in China

SSR Crydom CWD4860
made in China

Air Control 4V210-08
made in China

Control Unit RIH AW2000-02
made in China

Metal Framework
made in Iran | Qualified by SWO Chinese Manufacturer

Accessories Supplemented to Product

ACF Glue 2 mm Hitachi

ACF Glue 1.2 mm Hitachi

ACF Remover Container


COF Cleaning Sponge

Silicone Rubber

Magnifier equipped with Lamp

Plastic Bottle

COF Cutting Blade



ACF Cutter

ACF Tweezers

COF Tweezers

Testing Head Tissue

T-shaped Iron Head

Welding Iron 40 W

Welding Iron 60 W



Free Training

In order to service for more clients, our company provides with Free Training to operate ACF Bonding Machine H908 Pro. The contents of training are as follows:

  • Mastering how to use Bonding Machine
  • Mastering the technology of COF replacement, heat press standards and operation control
  • Mastering how to clean COF, LCD glass and PCB
  • Mastering the working principle and fault diagnosis of LCD-LED panels

As you can figure out via taking a look at the video below, our qualified masters, Dr. Mehrab Pournasir and Eng. Amir Palik, are devoted and committed to instruct the clients to achieve their requirements both theoretically and empirically. Hope to have you too with us!!

Our Clients' Testimonial

We are indeed proud of our LCD Repair COF Bonding Machine clients’ satisfaction.

7900$ 5900$